Film 4K. 10 Min. Installation | Performance. Work by Mit Borrás. Art Director Rachel Lamot, Music Daniel Vacas Peralta. With Weixin Quek Chong,
Written by Mit Borrás & Rachel Lamot, Fashion Design Kim Rosario, Fashion Design Path by Janine Grosche, Drone Liu Zhang, Drone Field, Jesús Moreno,
Clinical Department Gómez Bravo, Dental department Dentix, Relevium, Make Up Andréa Méndez, Eloy Noguera Atienza,
Production Design Cavve. Images courtesy of the artist, 2022

Hanaba is the story of a hypothetical living being in an alternate future. Hanaba lives in a place similar to a clinic or laboratory; a kind of new cave with celestial analogies, totally isolated between rooms of aseptic medical constitution and surrounded on the outside by an uninhabited and fertile environment where time seems to stand still. The protagonist of Hanaba, a term whose meaning comes from the scientific concept of "new Mutant Flower whose DNA has been isolated", symbolically behaves as such and transits between their fluid and human nature and their elusive dream of transcending and uniting with nature through of technology. This hypothesis takes shape during the meditations of Hanaba, in the recurrent fantasy of the drone that crosses a forest like a specter.

Following a series of daily ASMR, meditation, and yoga routines, Hanaba dedicate their time to scientific studies devoted to anatomy, the senses, geology, biotechnology and the meaning of conservation of the human body. They venerates technology as the main element in the adoration of a new cult that they professes, mediated by nature through the ceremonial use of flowers, water, the dream that occurs with the drone, the chants and the ingestion of liquids from psychoactive plants as a way to travel a theoretical path to transcendence. With a transhumanist perspective, Hanaba deals with the cult of the spirituality of technological progress and complete adaptation to nature. Like all the characters in Adaptasi Cycle, Hanaba lives in a limbo, surrounded by nature and alone except for the company of artificial intelligences and robotic animals. Their fluid nature in a broad sense is that of beings in a border state between androids, dead and alive at the same time, in the realm of the ghostly. The work has been carried out under the direction of Mit Borrás, the art direction of Rachel Lamot, the script by Borrás and Lamot and the excellent work of the music by the composer Daniel Vacas Peralta and the fashion designs of Kim Rosario and Path by Janine Grosche, in addition to the participation of Weixin Quek Chong in the performance and the technical team.

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